Become A Parking Operator


The following information and data are typically needed from a parking operator for them to publish their parking lot on a parking management app:


The physical address and GPS coordinates of the parking lot.


The total number of parking spots available in the lot.


The hourly, daily, or monthly rates for parking in the lot.


The hours of operation and any restrictions or limitations on parking.


The accepted forms of payment (e.g. credit card, cash, app-based payments).


Any additional amenities offered at the lot (e.g. EV charging stations, covered parking, valet services).


High-resolution images of the parking lot, including the entrance, exits, and different levels of the lot.


Any other relevant information that would be useful for users to know when parking at the lot (e.g. handicap accessibility, security measures).

Enforcement and Patrol Services

Our team will monitor the parking facilities, enforce parking rules, and respond to any incidents or violations.

Parking Lot Design and Construction

Building a parking facility that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Cashless Parking

We offer cashless parking options, such as mobile parking apps, that allow drivers to pay for parking without having to use cash or coins.

Revenue Management

Help you to optimize the revenue generated from your parking facilities. This includes setting rates, tracking occupancy rates, and analyzing revenue data.

Technology Solutions

Includes real-time information about parking availability, mobile parking apps, and automated payment systems.

Permit Management 

We offer a comprehensive permit management system that makes it easy to track and enforce parking rules.

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