ParkingBees Parking Management Platform 

A system that provides an automated and efficient way to manage a parking lot. It usually consists of hardware such as automatic barriers, ticket dispensers, and cameras, along with software to control and monitor the system. The solution can help in areas such as traffic control, parking fee collection, and real-time monitoring of parking spaces. It also offers features such as license plate recognition, permit management, and reporting.

Off-street Parking

ParkingBees can be installed in multi-level or surface parking facilities. This can include malls, airports, hospitals, hotels, and other similar locations.

On-street Parking

ParkingBees can be integrated with smart parking meters to manage parking on streets, such as in residential areas, business districts, or high-traffic areas.

Private Parking 

ParkingBees can be used in gated communities, apartment complexes, and office buildings to manage parking for residents, tenants, or employees.

Event Parking

The solution can be used for managing parking during events, such as concerts, sports games, and festivals

Valet Parking

ParkingBees can be used to manage the valet parking process, from vehicle check-in to retrieval.

Toll Roads

ParkingBees can be integrated with highway toll systems to manage tolls for cars entering and exiting highways.